IDF 2015 – Design for 3D Printing – Take 1

Had the opportunity to have a nice interactive discussion with the folks from Intel Developer’s Forum.  We talked about some basic “Design for 3D Printing” rules for beginners getting into the game. Here’s the PDF of the talk in case you couldn’t make it or simply want access to the presentation for your personal reference: Download the You3Dit IDF talk on Design for 3D Printing If you’re interested in learning a little bit more on Design for 3D Printing, you can read an older blog post about this topic using a Dimension Elite Professional-Grade, 3D Printer. Did you enjoy the presentation?  Was there something you would have preferred to hear more about?  Let us know!  Thanks:

MakerCon and MakerFaire here we come

You3Dit is going to MakerCon and Maker Faire!  Come find us!  We’ll be tweeting with the hashtag: #sketch2solid and likely whatever the MakerFaire recommends (possibly #MakerFaire15).  Get your tickets now!! Did you come visit our booth?!?  If so MANY THANKS!!  Hope you had fun at MakerCon / Maker Faire.  Here are the digital download versions of what you likely found at our booth: How to use a 3D Printer (overview) (PDF) How to use a Laser Cutter (overview) (PDF) Did you forget to sign up for our Newsletter?  Sign up for our newsletter now!

You3Dit and UL Tackle Corporate 3DPrinting Education on the West Coast

Today’s #3DPrinting workshop with Underwriters Laboratory (aka UL) will cover a broad span of the entire 3D printing industry followed by an up-close-and-personal exposure to Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) style 3D printers.  Of the 7 major #3DPrinting technologies, FFF (very similar to FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling) are the most common amongst consumer 3D printers. Onsite today are 4x of Printrbot‘s fleet of 3D printers: Printrbot Simple Metal Plus – their newest, 10″x10″x10″ machine Printrbot Simple Metal – their tried and true, “best value”, 6″x6″x6″ machine Printrbot Simple Makers Edition Original – kit version assembled by Chris from You3Dit We will have the smaller machines printing smaller 3D printed parts from the fun RaverRing Kickstarter project and on the larger machines, a more meaningful project known as eNABLE – where 3D printer owners sync up with an organization that matches them with people who need prosthetics–not just lending a hand, but actually giving a hand. We’ll show how these entry-level, yet powerful machines

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Is that RaverRing White and Gold or Blue and Black?

When musical cues are accompanied by flashes of bright LED light coming from Kickstarter’s RaverRing Project, people often experience “the best night of [their] lives.” The RaverRings in Question A photograph from Instagram was posted the other day from user @You3Dit that asked, “What color are they?”  Some people see a nightlife dancing enhancement ring, other people see a device to help get the attention of inattentive drivers while exercising.  Some people see them doing both exceptionally well. Let’s Take Some Averages The Gold and White RaverRing on the left is bare skinned, “Bling Gold” PLA from with a white LED.  The RaverRing on the right is dark blue but covered with dark grey Performix Plasti-Dip.  If we take the two RaverRings and average the colors in a Dance Party, Rave, High-school Pep Rally or at an all-night event, we get the most epic party of our lives. How Do We Interpret these RaverRings? Our eyes, minds and bodies are only

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The Mobile 3D Printing Experiment

There is something about the human spirit that sometimes chooses to ignore rationality in preference for the wild and crazy.  This Mobile 3D Printing Experiment is one of those cases. The day started off at 06h00 with packing suitcases and 3D printer necessities (Octoprint server, Cubicity filament.  Chris had an appointment with Bobby from to buy a Honda 2000i generator.  At 08h00 the generator was purchased and relocation to a Home Depot was in order to properly set up the 3D printer / generator setup. Once at Home Depot, Chris found all the bare essentials to make this experiment work.  Here was the setup: 1x Honda 2000i (2000W) generator (1000W would also be sufficient) ~$750 from 1x Printrbot Simple Metal ~$600 from 4x Spools of Filament (we used scrap filament for initial testing so as not to waste our high-quality Cubicity / Voltivo filament) 1x Cargo Rod ~ $20 to support the 3D printer filament 1x Packet of

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Sunnyside High School uses the Rapid Innovation Cycle to generate new product ideas

Back on January 25th, the students at Sunnyside High School in Fresno, CA were challenged to execute a Rapid Innovation Cycle (RIC) – a process that helps people quickly generate new product or service experiments that allow them to test the “unforgiving market place” and gather insights on the potential success of the concept being tested. The TV Video Production class led by teacher Ms. Katie McQuone invited Chris McCoy–the co-creator of the Rapid Innovation Cycle–the opportunity to share the RIC process with her students in order to spawn “student-driven” projects.  K-12 educators have a responsibility to deliver curriculums that implement “linked learning” to bolster student engagement.   Researchers at UC Berkeley and others have experimentally proven that students are much more “engaged” and have much better “knowledge retention” when they own and generate the projects by which they apply skills and concepts learned in the classroom.   This leads to higher student success both in school and post graduation.  The Connected California website is a good resource for more information on similar

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Kickstarter First Week Update #2

So the RaverRing Kickstarter Project has been alive and breathing for just over 1 week now.  I have to say, the Kickstarter experience has been very fun, exciting and interesting. First, before we begin to ramble about the odds and ends of running a Kickstarter like a boss, we’d like to give a HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF OUR BACKERS THUS FAR!  YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE AWESOME, VISIONARY, BADASS and WE LOVE YOU FOR IT!  We understand it takes a leap of faith to place a bet on people who run Kickstarter campaigns, but rest assured, we’re going to make this experience well worth your investment.  Not only in delivery of your rewards, but we have some other tricks up our sleeves that we’re going to provide to you as exclusive, first-week backers!  Some things we’re thinking about: Sending you in advance your RaverRings (you’ll be helping us beta test our forms to ensure we’re asking all of the

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Kickstarter Launch Week Update #1

What is up people!!  We launched a Kickstarter project!!  It’s the first one that we’re aware of spawning directly from a project but hopefully not the last. Within the first 24 hours, we had 6 backers which was exciting to say the least!  Four more the following day and one more today.  There are still EARLY-BIRD prices on some of our rewards so buy them now before they run out!! We received a couple of early messages from people in the Kickstarter community but mainly just to help us get more promotion and help boosting our campaign.  While it’s awesome to have people want to help, we believe that the #RaverRings should be able to stand on their own coolness.  Obviously Timur and Chris will continue to push the campaign through as many clever social media and gorilla marketing tactics possible. HUGE THANKS goes out to!  They’ve graciously sponsored our initial set of RaverRing filament in a

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USDA Visits the TechShop in San Francisco and Learns About 3D Printing in the Context of Food and Health

UPDATED (February 10, 2015): New questions answered below! On Tuesday, Chris had the privilege of hosting an special group from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and introducing them to the world of 3D printing but with a twist…3D Printing the context of food and health.  Additionally, the talk expanded beyond 3D printing into the world of digital design and fabrication and how those technologies as well can and are being used in some cases in food innovations. Concepts such as 3D printing paste made from mashed cricket guts, laser cutting chocolate for caloric intake metering and laser etching ingredients right onto (and into) the foods we consume.  The goal for the group was to get their minds thinking differently about how the food industry might look in the future as these technologies go mainstream.  The USDA plays a large part today in keeping Americans safe from food and food-technologies that lack full insight to their impact on health.

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