Guest Post: Timur Khan – entrepreneur, pro bike racer, life hacker and all-out wild man talks about Project Raver Rings

Mr. Timur Khan – Founder and CEO of Nueva Bikes.  Sales & Marketing lead for the Kickstarter: Raver Ring project.

Note from Chris–Founder and CEO of You3Dit: Timur Khan is one of the most memorable people I have ever met.  He’s the kind of guy that does not say why he can’t, he asks how he can.  He’s the kinda guy that Airbnbs his apartment, sleeps during that month in a tent, and buys a Prius with that Airbnb money so he can start Ubering.  It is with pleasure that we here at You3Dit get to publish this guest post.  ~Chris

“Project Raver Rings” by Timur Khan

My recent experiences working with 3-D printing have been both unique and exciting. Getting to understand how ideation can quickly become creation is one of the joys of being part of the maker community. has been a great way to put an idea out into the universe and have talented and ambitious people work on creating a solution to your most complicated problems.

One of the more fun projects that we recently worked on was how you utilize LEDs in every day life. We saw potential in the Raver Rings as well as creating a whole line of other products that were fun, exciting, unique, and also practical. Even more so was that with this production method one can create something entirely unique and yet it can still be affordable. To me tailoring a cool accessory like a 3-D printed ring is the hallmark of clever and creative manufacturing; taking something that an industry of jewelers have been working on for thousands of years, which usually required a lifetime of training now only requires some basic understanding of 3-D additive manufacturing software, material properties, spatial awareness of what you want to create, and a degree of creative latitude for variety within that design. You can essentially create profiles that can be suitable for dozens of needs without having to start over from scratch every time one wants to iterate or improve upon a design. Raver Rings is a proof of concept for a crowdfunded product that shows how the maker community is gearing up towards custom 3-D printing and manufacturing for the masses.

Raver Rings are currently being pre-ordered on Kickstarter with a funding target of $10k and pre-ordering closing on March 7, 2015

The outpouring of support from both other makers as well as buyers have shown us that we’re starting to head in the right direction. What I would like to see happen with the Raver Rings is for them to be utilized not only for safety for cyclists, skateboarders and runners, but also for mothers with their strollers, people trying to hail cabs late at night, or even having Fido your lovable dog become more visible, but really to go out there and be seen but also have a lot of fun! We also heavily endorse you use these while out dancing at a local club, bar, houseparty, or anywhere else that you’re having a good time especially if you’re jumping in the air to the beat of some great music with all your friends.

My experience showing the Raver Rings in Asia has been fantastic, people love that they can tap it, clap, bump it against something, or even snap their fingers to make them light up.

Let’s get this thing funded so we can create even more fun products for the masses!


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