Kickstarter Launch Week Update #1

What is up people!!  We launched a Kickstarter project!!  It’s the first one that we’re aware of spawning directly from a project but hopefully not the last.

Within the first 24 hours, we had 6 backers which was exciting to say the least!  Four more the following day and one more today.  There are still EARLY-BIRD prices on some of our rewards so buy them now before they run out!!

We received a couple of early messages from people in the Kickstarter community but mainly just to help us get more promotion and help boosting our campaign.  While it’s awesome to have people want to help, we believe that the #RaverRings should be able to stand on their own coolness.  Obviously Timur and Chris will continue to push the campaign through as many clever social media and gorilla marketing tactics possible.

HUGE THANKS goes out to!  They’ve graciously sponsored our initial set of RaverRing filament in a range of amazing colors!  For all of your future filament needs, please checkout, they’ll treat you right and have great filament from our experience.

Cubicity Inc. graciously sponsors the RaverRing Kickstarter project with donated filament.

Timur apparently snuck into the TechCrunch Crunchies Awards and was flashing people left and right (with the #RaverRings of course).  Chris gave a “Lightning Talk” at the Hackaday wine / cocktail hour where they had their new print magazine called “Omnibus” released.  A very cool magazine meant to spur discussion amongst enthusiasts instead of burning your retinas for yet another hour on glowing internet-connected screens.  The high print quality, in-depth content and sexy artwork encourage it to be the first magazine, book, etc. that you see on your coffee table.  You can get yours directly from the Hackaday store should you want to encourage your friends to EAT.HACK.SLEEP.REPEAT in the comfort of your living room.

People in general seemed pretty upbeat about the RaverRing and we’re hoping they wield their social media prowess and give us some shoutouts!  Here’s a picture Tweeted out by 3D printing expert and educator–Kris Struble–from Near Future.

Overall, met some very cool people, caught up with some familiar faces and was very thankful to have been given the opportunity to share the RaverRing with a enthusiast and technology-centric community.

So, what’s next, PLEASE SHARE our Kickstarter page if you have people who you know would be interested in improving their nightlife, dance time, burning man or other outdoor + nighttime activities.  Not only will we be super grateful, but you’ll also help other people achieve their dream of dancing in style with the RaverRing:

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