Mastering You3Dit Beta as a Maker (Part 2 of 2)

Why read this article? Because if you are who we think you are, investing 10 minutes of your precious time now to read this article will save you a lot of time in the future as you bring your idea to life. This is a two-part article which will walk you through five essential parts of the You3Dit Process: Who is a Maker in the You3Dit Network? (Part 1) How much does it cost (Part 1) Creating a Project (Part 1) Getting your idea designed in 3D (Part 2) Getting your new 3D Design fabricated (Part 2) Part 2: The Design and Fabrication Processes In this article we’ll cover the important topics of: Reviewing Design Quotes Choosing Designers Iterating Reviewing Fabrication Quotes Choosing Fabricators The “First Fab” and Getting your Parts Delivered Designer & Fabricator Ratings

Mini review of the Printrbot Simple Metal – in short – IT’S AWESOME

I definitely made one of the better 3D printing purchases of my life buying a Printrbot Simple Metal for $599 assembled.  From the first day I received it, it was solid and started printing without flaws.  I’m going to give my opinion here first, but I’d also recommend reading the Make Magazine Review by Nick Parks.  He knows his stuff and I value his opinion in the 3D printing world. With regard to my slicing setup, here’s what I’m running: Repetier – 0.95F (link to downloads page) Slic3r engine With the recommended print settings from the Printrbot Forum (see article) Octopi 3D print server (link to What I love about this little machine: Super Reliable – Since I’ve bought it, I have yet to have a failed print – seriously.  Maybe that is because I’ve gotten pretty used to Repetier and and how to set these things up, but out of the gate, it just seems to be working flawlessly.

read more Mini review of the Printrbot Simple Metal – in short – IT’S AWESOME