TechShop Bankrupt, Maker Community mourns by taking action

It’s taken us some time to process the magnitude and impact of the recent news that TechShop declared chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Many of the fabricators in our network leveraged the tools provided by the TechShop to conduct much of our clients’s fabrication work.  Those users productivity all has since stopped, delayed expected delivery dates for project work and has pushed that fabrication demand originally supplied by TechShop members onto our You3Dit independent laser, CNC machine and 3D Printer owner / operators.   We’ve scrambled a bit internally to reroute the fabrication of several jobs and are back on track for the short term  (HUGE THANKS to our You3Dit fabricators who stepped up).  We want to help others do the same. However as of this writing, TechShop is still bankrupt, closed an leaving many people stranded who need help with getting access to machines.  We have to figure out what we’re going to do next to solve the long-term issues created by

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In order to 3D print, you need a 3D Design file…we’re here to help you!

We often get requests to “3D print” something, an image or sketch or what have you where the client asks this simply to be “fabricated”.  In our simple 3 step process: Client submits a new project New project is 3D Designed (client is provided the 3D Design files, e.g. *.STL) Project is Fabricated (e.g. 3D Printed) This request effectively translates into “please start at step #1, skip step #2, and then proceed to step #3.” As of this writing, there is no automated process that we’re familiar with that can automate step #2 and thus, it requires some human involvement to transform the client request into the 3D CAD Design file that is needed to “3D Print” or fabricate in any number of digital fabrication methods.  We are actively pursuing research to support our Design Acquisition System (DAS) but it’s not ready for prime time…yet.  But do not worry, there is still hope for your project! Our 3D Design network is

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Common pitfalls and workarounds on You3Dit Beta

Thank you so much for being part of our all new, fully-functional You3Dit Beta platform–a marketplace of designers & fabricators that transform client napkin sketches into real physical parts.  Starting first with IoT and Industrial Prototyping clients. Eventually, this will become the new  However it’s currently in “Beta Test” mode which Google defines as: “a trial of machinery, software, or other products, in the final stages of its development.”  Running a Beta Test allows product developers to quickly find the rough spots in a product so that they can be resolved. This article intends to help you get through the most common roadblocks on your way to developing your new part, product or prototype. These are in order of importance (as measured by the frequency and pain observed in beta clients using the platform): The avatar (for new projects, new quotes, iterations) No email notifications? Can’t login Can’t edit my project Can’t edit my quote Where are my design

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