Why is my 3D printed part so expensive?

Short answer…it’s probably not expensive relative to what you’re asking for. It’s that society programs us from birth to think plastics and other physical goods are “cheap” thanks to clever design for manufacturing at scale. Here’s why… We recognize that AM parts can be “expensive” relative to other plastic parts you might have seen available off the shelf.  In this post, we’d like to walk you through one way of thinking about pricing on plastic part fabrication, both conventionally and with digital manufacturing. A common example we give is the “spork” offered at your favorite fast food restaurant.  Fast-food restaurants can give these away for free because they make them in the 10M+ / yr and therefore their $500K mold that produces them can be amortized.  It’s part of a pleasurable eating experience in the United States to have a fork + spoon combined. But to make just 1 (one) plastic spork with that manufacturing process (plastic injection molding) would

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7 top resources for textiles prototyping and manufacturing in the San Francisco, Bay Area

We had a client ask where they could get quick turn, low-volume production for their innovative textile device. Reaching out to our You3Dit Network, we were able to quickly obtain the following Bay Area resources: Cosmo Design Lab – San Francisco, CA – this advanced prototyping lab seems to focus on textiles and production hardware manufacturing. Specifically mobile device accessories, peripherals and precision enclosures. Accessories for smart home assistants. Smart and active lifestyle wearables. Engineered small leather goods and luxury accessories. And lastly, Beauty and cosmetics accessories. Precision Technical Sewing – Mountain Ranch, CA – this supplier comes highly recommended by veterans in the hardware industry. Textiles have always been a bit outside of our wheelhouse at You3Dit (we specifically focus on mechanical design engineering and prototyping), but they have an “anything’s possible” attitude. “If you can visualize it, we can make it” which resonates with our capabilities and capacity here at You3Dit (at least leveraging our network). Pineapple Sails

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