HD camera mounts for your skateboard

Although it was some time ago, Chris—our co-founder—had the opportunity to work with Fox News and the founders of Z-Boards electric skateboards to film a news story on their company.  As part of that story, action shots were needed of the skateboards and they needed to be made quickly.

Z-Board Electric Skateboard with a 3D printed Contour HD Camera mount

Utilizing Solidworks 2011 and a Makerbot Replicator 2 from the TechShop in SF, both the design and print were completed within a couple of hours.  The design leverages two mechanical clamping springs to pinch the skateboard deck and a through hole to w/a countersink / counterbore hole to accommodate the ¼-20 screw head.  The story was covered by Michelle Macaluso from Fox News and we were happy we could assist in some quality news-worthy film.  For details on the solid model and photos, check out Chris’s blog.

You can watch the Fox News Segment at this link.

Also, you can download the Skateboard Clamp from Thingiverse.com


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The Wobbly Table Wedge

The Wobbly Table Wedge

Back in late 2012, Chris designed and printed a solution to one of his largest pet peeves–a wobbly cafe or bar table. The beauty is in its simplicity. Combining a simple wedge with an integrated clip so that the wedge can easily pop off your key ring and be used to make your table stable.

Read more here at http://www.3dgeni.us/six-of-the-best-key-chain-accessories/

Or download the “Wobbly Table Wedge” on Thingiverse.com: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:32289