NRI hosts You3Dit and other 3D printing enthusiasts

upcycling and epa
The EPA reports that Americans produce about 4.4 pounds of waste per person per day. How can Digital Fabrication help turn trash into treasure – the value of Upcycling.

“Balancing model-making artistry and expertise in various fabrication technologies, NRI’s 3D Labs offer the beginner and advanced 3D designer the ability to transform their computer-generated models into real, physical objects.” That’s NRI’s homepage tagline and they’re really getting involved with the 3D Printing community in San Francisco.

You3Dit was stoked to be invited to present on “upcycling” on September 9th and Chris McCoy shared with the guests of NRI’s meet up how You3Dit helps to enable upcycling via its global platform of 3D designers and fabricators.  How you might ask?  What the heck is upcycling?  Download the presentation “Upcycling with Digital Fabrication” here below:

Upcycling with Digital Fabrication – by Chris McCoy, Ph.D.


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