Educating Educators on the Power of Digital Design and Fabrication

Chris poses with the K12 educators of tomorrow - young professionals who are eager to incorporate digital design and fabrication into the classroom.
Chris poses with the K12 educators of tomorrow – young professionals who are eager to incorporate digital design and fabrication into the classroom.

On Saturday, January 24, 2015, Chris had the privilege to present on behalf of You3Dit Inc to the Ventura County Office of Education and their newly credentialed K12 teaching staff.  Competing with about 7 other seminars at the same time, we packed Salon B with about 60x educators who were eager to learn more about digital fabrication technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting and desktop CNC.

In addition, Chris also presented on the Rapid Innovation Cycle (as developed by Hands-on Rapid Innovation) as a method for driving linked- and project-based learning activities for students.  This process enables students to quickly develop market tests where prototypes are preferred over ideas and data generated from real market feedback helps drive the business decisions in both entrepreneurial and educational environments.

A HUGE THANKS goes out to Mr. Mark Urwick, Robert Hochberg and Jacquelyn Lozano for all their help and facilitation throughout the day.

VCOE Technology Integration Session Details
Presented by Dr. Chris D. McCoy,

iManufacture – bringing the digital fabrication revolution into the classroom”
Session Length: 70 min
Pre-requisites: None

PDF – iManufacture

This will be an interactive seminar on topics and trends relating to an emerging digital fabrication revolution and how it can be leveraged to improve education across all subjects.  Topics such as Computer Aided Design, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and Desktop CNC Machines (Computer Numerically Controlled).  Participants will not need to know anything about these concepts prior to the session, however those who know some or even a moderate amount will still learn something.  One or more 3D printers will be on display and the participants will have an opportunity to see up close how the machine works.  Additionally, case study projects relevant educational environments and constraints will be presented and discussed.  Common concerns and challenges for utilizing these technologies will also be addressed.  For more info:

“The Rapid Innovation Cycle – a repeatable process for discovering and Developing Market-driven Projects for project-based and linked learning”
Session Length: 70 min
Pre-requisites: None

PDF – The Rapid Innovation Cycle

This will be an interactive seminar on using the Rapid Innovation Cycle aka the “RIC” (developed by the presenter; additional info can be found here:  The RIC is a repeatable process that allows anyone to apply the scientific method to business; and in the context of K-12 education, a repeatable process to establish meaningful and potentially market-worthy “project topics” for students.  This session is well suited for educators and staff who are looking for ways to generate project topics for “linked learning” and “project-based” learning activities.  The Rapid Innovation Cycle includes four key steps: 1) Opportunity Recognition, 2) Solution Selection, 3) Market Experiment and 4) Experimental Results.  These topics have been well received by students in K-12, MBA programs and Executive Education.  For more info:

Presenter Bio:
Chris earned his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to conducting research on small-scale fuel-flexible engines, he also completed the Management of Technology Program (MOT) at the Haas School of Business and received his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering Design; both from U.C. Berkeley.  Most recently, Chris left his consulting role at a large utility company to bring to life a startup initiative, You3Dit Inc, which aims to enable anyone to quickly get involved rapid prototyping and design.

Should any educators like to participate in a short survey in order to help us help you utilize these technologies in the classroom, please DO click this link: Help You3Dit help Educators incorporate Digital Design and Digital Fabrication Into the Classroom (3 min survey)

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