Autodesk TechWomen 2016

Last Friday, September 16th, we had the privilege to meet and share our passion for 3D printing with approximately 100x TechWomen leaders in the Autodesk Gallery at One Market Place in San Francisco. The TechWomen program is organized by the Institute of International Education (IIE)–the same governmental group that is responsible for the Fulbright Scholarship and other programs that embrace their mission “to advance international education and access to education worldwide.” Each year Autodesk hosts these women for an entire day and provides mentorship along with exposure to design, leadership and product-oriented workshops.  Autodesk is one of their first stops during their 6 week Silicon Valley trip and these women spend the entire day learning about topics like leadership to product design. You3Dit for the second year has participated with Autodesk and works with their top-employees to help facilitate these workshops–illustrating the power and capability of 3D printing to transform manufacturing with a talk co-founder & CEO Chris McCoy gives entitled “iManufacture” (Download the PDF of the iManufacture talk from TechWomen

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Don’t just lend a hand, give one

Enabling the Future is an amazing organization that connects 3D printer owners with people who need prosthetics.  Since Chris–You3Dit’s founder–first 3D printed one of Enable’s prosthetic hands back in December of 2014, it changed his view of consumer-grade 3D printers and the potential they can unlock. My name is Sanjeet Sanhotra. I’m a recent high school graduate and soon to be college student at UCSC. I’ve been working with You3Dit for over a year and have recently took on a project with them to “give a hand” to the amazing organization that is Enabling the Future! I want to bring the You3Dit community together to print and put together hands for those in need. I hope to do this by having volunteer fabricators around the world in out network send us parts as well as have leads in specific countries to help put these hands together. By all of us working together, we can really make a difference helping out those who really need

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You3Dit and UL Tackle Corporate 3DPrinting Education on the West Coast

Today’s #3DPrinting workshop with Underwriters Laboratory (aka UL) will cover a broad span of the entire 3D printing industry followed by an up-close-and-personal exposure to Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) style 3D printers.  Of the 7 major #3DPrinting technologies, FFF (very similar to FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling) are the most common amongst consumer 3D printers. Onsite today are 4x of Printrbot‘s fleet of 3D printers: Printrbot Simple Metal Plus – their newest, 10″x10″x10″ machine Printrbot Simple Metal – their tried and true, “best value”, 6″x6″x6″ machine Printrbot Simple Makers Edition Original – kit version assembled by Chris from You3Dit We will have the smaller machines printing smaller 3D printed parts from the fun RaverRing Kickstarter project and on the larger machines, a more meaningful project known as eNABLE – where 3D printer owners sync up with an organization that matches them with people who need prosthetics–not just lending a hand, but actually giving a hand. We’ll show how these entry-level, yet powerful machines

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Is that RaverRing White and Gold or Blue and Black?

When musical cues are accompanied by flashes of bright LED light coming from Kickstarter’s RaverRing Project, people often experience “the best night of [their] lives.” The RaverRings in Question A photograph from Instagram was posted the other day from user @You3Dit that asked, “What color are they?”  Some people see a nightlife dancing enhancement ring, other people see a device to help get the attention of inattentive drivers while exercising.  Some people see them doing both exceptionally well. Let’s Take Some Averages The Gold and White RaverRing on the left is bare skinned, “Bling Gold” PLA from with a white LED.  The RaverRing on the right is dark blue but covered with dark grey Performix Plasti-Dip.  If we take the two RaverRings and average the colors in a Dance Party, Rave, High-school Pep Rally or at an all-night event, we get the most epic party of our lives. How Do We Interpret these RaverRings? Our eyes, minds and bodies are only

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