Digital Fabricator Go Bag Shopping List

Here are some of the key essentials for anyone doing digital fabrication jobs for hire.  Hope the list helps you!  Let us know if we’re forgetting something!! Raw Materials: Blue 3M Masking Tape, 2″ (~$6) (Amazon) Leatherman of any kind (we use the “Wingman”) (~$30) (Amazon) 6″ Digital Calipers (~$20) (Amazon) Tape Measure (~$10) (Amazon) Personal Notebook (~$10-20) (Amazon – Makers Notebook) Pens (black, blue, red) (Amazon) Sharpies (Amazon) Hand Sanding Block: 3M (~$6) (Amazon) Sandpaper: 150 grit, 12″x12″ sheet (~$2/sheet) (Amazon) Uline Indestructo Boxes: 4″x4″x2″ (100x) ($42) (Uline) 4″x4″x4″ (100x) ($57) (Uline) 6″x4″x2″ (100x) ($48) (Uline) Return address labels – Avery  (Amazon) Packing tape (Amazon) Elmer’s Wood Glue (Amazon) Superglue (Amazon) Roll of 3D printer filament (Any roll, PLA or ABS, Essential Smartphone Apps: Shyp (works only in metropolitan areas) Dropbox – cloud storage Trello – task tracking You3Dit 🙂