Hospitals suck…but one You3Dit Maker found a way to improve them

No one likes to be in a hospital, no one.

There MUST be a better way!

There MUST be a better way!

However, Joan–amidst the pain of her surgery–made the most of her unfortunate situation and came up with this brilliant idea for hospital beds–a cable routing tool!  Her request (written from her hospital bed using her smartphone) was:

Subject: “Invention Need”

Body: “Using a Styrofoam cup to manage my IV lines over the bed rail. There MUST be a better way!”

Photo Attachment: (see image to the right)

While Joan and husband were particularly clever to MacGyver the Styrofoam cup as a temporary solution, there was still a clear need for something better.  Thus, You3Dit and its community accepted the design / print challenge…people jumped at the opportunity to help.

Enrique–a You3Dit designer–came first to the rescue and had a series of designs that could potentially improve Joan’s cable situation.

Cable Manager 1.0

Cable Manager 1.0

We were initially a little concerned with the curved bar not being universal enough so we had Enrique propose some alternative designs.  He responded quickly (which our customers LOVE about our You3Dit community, btw).

Cable Manager 1.3

Cable Manager 1.3

Then we suggested that maybe some of these components might be “too thin” for robust cable management so we asked Enrique to beef things up a bit and also make the design 3D printable–in this case, have the snap on part for the hospital bed print as a separate part compared to the fork like cable manager piece.

Chosen Cable Manager

Chosen Cable Manager

Then Enrique had a design we were willing to try out!  Unfortunately we didn’t have a printer near the hospital in LA where Joan was located (do any of you have a 3D printer or know someone who does in Los Angeles, CA?  If so, please DO let them know about our You3Dit 3D Printing Community), so we printed the concept in the San Francisco Bay Area where You3Dit is co-located (or other location is in Madrid, Spain).

Joan and Enrique's cable manager design

Joan and Enrique’s cable manager design

Fortunately, Joan was out of the hospital by the time the full solution was printed (only a short 24 hours after the request was sent).  But that doesn’t mean Joan’s concept, enabled by Enrique’s design and Chris’s 3D print doesn’t still have value somewhere in the market place.  Now Joan–should she care to build a business or market this product, not only does she have something to show to a potential investor–but she also has a distributed manufacturing force that could supply the market quickly with test products.  Therein lies the beauty in the powerful You3Dit community.

We’re always excited about projects like these that are inspired by people who have never designed anything or made anything before.  It is our core set of Designers and 3D Printer owners who help our Maker customers bring their ideas to life and for them, we’re truly grateful.

Until the next time someone wants to make anything, anywhere, the You3Dit Blog is signing out!

You3Dit helped me quit smoking! Seriously!

Well that’s at least our goal with one Maker in our community.  Amine–a San Francisco Resident–would like to quit smoking.  But as anyone who’s ever tried to kick the habit knows, it’s not easy and for many reasons.  One of which is the standard pack of smokes has 20 cigarettes–always begging to be smoked when the urge hits.  Well, what if you’re brilliant like our Maker Amine and said, “wait, what if I could make a pack of cigarettes that only holds 15 cigarettes, then 10, and then 8, and then 5…and finally 1 or 2?”  If the smoker only has access to a few cigarettes when they’re trying to quit, the assumption is that they’ll be able to kick the craving and NOT fall weak to the temptation–because the cigarettes won’t be in their possession.


Currently, we’re still in the design phases but we’re looking for 3D printers who would be interested in helping us bring Amine’s idea to life.  And more than just bringing an idea to life, you might be part of a You3Dit distributed manufacturing team who helps prolong someone’s life in addition to just helping them make something.

We’re looking forward to updating you all on Amine’s progress in quitting smoking–especially if our community helps him do so with 3D printed parts.

Are you interested in helping people make anything anywhere?  Let us know about it at!

We’re alive…and we’re excited!

Hello You3Dit and 3D printing fans!

While it may seem like You3Dit died online, I can tell you personally that we’re more alive than ever and are very excited about what is in store for 2014.

We’re most excited about you–the community–which continues to grow!  Today we have 3D printers in over 14 different countries and designers in over 20.  Each and every one of you has an interesting reason for getting involved and we look forward to engaging you much more in the future.  Here’s what’s on deck for You3Dit:

  1. An all new websitewebsite-demo-image beginning Summer 2014 we will have an all new website that will better allow you to manage your jobs, post your incredible work and promote your skills.
  2. New business coming your way – although we cannot say exactly how, there will be business flowing your way via several targeted means at encouraging people to start personalizing, fixing and prototyping their ideas.
  3. We’re hiring! – Given the overwhelming customer interest and design work requested, we are looking to build a team of the best and most talented individuals in the maker community.  Do you believe you have what it takes to help build a global business from the ground up?  ¿Hablas español?  Let us know!  E-mail us at with your résumé if you have ideas about how we can make You3Dit the best maker community on Earth!
  4. You3Dit Logo Design CompetitionYou3Dit logo – if you haven’t already received an e-mail, we’re throwing a competition to see who can make the most creative and most 3D printable design for our You3Dit logo.  Entries need to be submitted before April 1, 2014.  Don’t have a 3D printer?  You know how to submit your design for 3D printing using our service.  Just let us know it’s for our competition.  If you have any questions, mail them to

That’s it for the moment.  Please DO keep checking back in, following us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and thanks for being part of our online community committed to helping bring people’s ideas to life.  What are you waiting for?  Make anything, anywhere!